John Pigeau, Columnist

Date Published: Fri, 15 Nov 2013

John Pigeau

Columnist, theHumm

John (or Johnny to many) is the author of the acclaimed novel The Nothing Waltz, the founder of the First Edition Reading Series and the former owner/creator of Backbeat Books & Music in Perth. He's amicable, easygoing, and fond of a good time. Urgent yet kind, he would like "in your pants" to replace "in bed" as the add-on to fortune cookie fortune "jokes" and he strongly believes Oswald was a patsy.

theHumm's John Pigeau

An Anne Tyler junkie and a U2 fanatic, his hobbies include angst, uncertainty, and golf. He dislikes guns, nuclear weapons, dental surgery, and last call. He adores funky hats. Quick with a joke, a student of compassion, his writing has garnered him comparisons to Raymond Carver and Nick Hornby; his looks, to George Clooney and Beetlejuice.

This year's goals: compete in first thumb war (win spectacularly!), master more than five chords on the guitar, and finish second novel, Speck. Currently his favourite word is "lousy." If possible, he would forever live in the late 1980's.

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