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Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour - Mississippi Mills

The ever popular Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour usually takes place on Thanksgiving weekend each year. This free tour runs Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10am through 5pm and features 26 of the finest artists and artisans you’ll see anywhere. The Ladies Auxiliary of the Almonte Legion host the popular luncheon on all three days, from 11am to 2pm. Enjoy a complete lunch or select from the a la carte menu while you plan your tour route for the afternoon.From humble beginnings in 1996, the Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour evolved from art shows sponsored by the Ramsay Township Arts and Recreation committee. The C & P moniker is derived from the former Ramsay Township crest. The crown is a reference to the United Empire Loyalists, many of whom settled in the area. The pumpkin is a symbol of the rich agricultural heritage of the region. The name was deemed original and catchy and sounds like a pub you might encounter in a rural village. Originally centered in Clayt....

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Expressions of Art - Carp

The West Carleton Arts Society's annual Fall Show and Sale, Expressions of Art, ....

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Merrickville Artists' Guild Studio Tour - Merrickville

For three decades, artists in Merrickville have made it an autumn tradition to open their studio doors to the public. Their studio tour is a rare opportunity for the public to see artists in their environments, and to buy directly from them. The quaint village of Merrickville and the surrounding pastoral countryside form the scenic backdrop for this free self-guided tour. For decades, its heritage buildings, quaint shops, 19th-century charm and rural vistas have attracted artists and craftspeople of national an....

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North Gower & Kars Discovery Tour - North Gar and Kars

The North Gower/Kars Discovery Tour takes place over a weekend each September. A short drive into rural south Ottawa, the tour has been a stand-out event for nearly 20 years. Variety and quality are the secrets of the tour's success, according to Aaron Daley, 2014's tour coordinator. The tour has always been a dynamic combination of artisans, artists and local growers and farmers. Participants include My Front Porch; Log House Farm & Studio; Susan Preston Photography and Tree Spirit Studio; and Lara Pottery. My Front Porch features terrariums, aerials, dish gardens and living art pieces. Log Hou....

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Perth Autumn Studio Tour - Perth

Surprising as it may seem, assessing the merits of a restaurant can be remarkably similar to assessing the merits of a studio tour. The Perth Autumn Studio Tour (PAST) run every autumn around Thanksgiving weekend. The Tour brings together a spirited bunch of artists and makers who love what they do and want to share their talents and passions with you!With seven beautiful studios nestled along the meandering roads of Brook....

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Red Trillium Studio Tour - West Carleton

The Red Trillium Spring Studio Tour is a self-guided driving tour held in West Carleton, including locations in and around Carp, Fitzroy Harbour and Kinburn. Using the artist and studio profiles you can pick your route. There are signs posted along the route, at each studio and at all major i....

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Westport Fall Colours Studio Tour - Westport

The Fall Colours Studio Tour has been running around Thanksgiving each year for more than 25 years. Some of the studios included on recent tours: The Enchanted Forest Studio (where great photograp....

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