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Almonte Trad Song - Almonte

The Almonte Trad Song session meets the fourth Sunday of the month upstairs at the Barley Mow to sing traditional songs with choruses such as sea shanties and old gospel tunes. We revive the days when peo....

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Mississippi Mill Musicworks - Almonte

MMMusicworks, a fixture on the Almonte area music scene since 2007, features a music school as well as a music store carrying a wide range of instruments and accessories for beginners to performers. Students of all ages can learn to pl....

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Perth Community Choir - Perth

The Perth Community Choir is excitedly preparing for the 2014 fall production. The call for show proposals has gone out, and we are excited to see what ideas....

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Rhythm & Song Community Choir - Almonte

Almonte-based painter, singer and songwriter Jennifer Noxon returned from a Community Choir Leadership Training Course in Victoria, B.C. in 2015 and started planning the launch of the Rhythm & Song Community Choir. It de....

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Vine Rhymes - Songwriters, Poets & Storytellers - Smiths Falls

In 2005, Vine Rhymes — Smiths Falls & Area Songwriters, Poet, and Storytellers — held their first meeting at the home of group founder, Helen Latimer-Hanah. Helen had mentioned to local singer/songwriter Beth Bernhardt of her intention to start a writer’s group with the mandate to give “inspiration and encouragement” of like mind, Beth immediately offered her support, and Vine Rhymes was launched. To their delight, four people showed up to that first meeting, making an even half dozen counting themselves. Since then, Vine Rhymes has received approximately 100....

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This directory of local resources is based on the lists of local businesses and resources that we've compiled at theHumm over the years as we've worked on our annual guides (eg classes/courses, volunteering, gift giving) and our event calendar. It's a natural extension of our work in scanning the region for great resources, and it's a work in progress.

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