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Agapé Gardens - Perth

Agapé Gardens is a home made, small scale labour of love located in rural Perth. Through its hand grown, hand crafted nutrient-dense products we want to share our journey of passion for health and well-being.The Gardens produce a s....

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Agapé Gardens - Perth

A home-made, small-scale labour of love located in rural Perth, Ontario. Products are available through home delivery and fea....

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Back Forty Artisan Cheese - Watson’s Corners

Award-winning, handcrafted, unpasteurized ewe’s milk cheeses: Bonnechere, Madawaska, Flower Station Feta, Highl....

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Bloomfield Farm - Almonte

A new four-season farm in Almonte. Seasonal market....

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Castor River Farm - Metcalfe

Whole grains and freshly milled flours (oats, barley, hard red spring wheat, winter wheat, spelt, rye, buckwheat, triticale), pastured eggs, meat birds, po....

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Coutts Country Flavours Store - Perth

A fourth generation family farm near Ridea Ferry selling vegetables, locally reared meat, maple products, ready-m....

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Elm Tree Farm - Arden

Demeter-certified biodynamic vegetables, fruit and preserves. CSA shares delivered to Sharbot Lake and Sandy Hill in Ottawa (Elm....

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Fortune Farms - Almonte

Pure maple syrup, maple butter, maple sugar candy and maple fudge, taffy-on-snow; sugar bus....

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Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush - Pakenham

400 forested acres nestled between the picturesque towns of Almonte and Pakenham, Fulton's is one of the ....

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Handmade Harvest - Almonte

The mission of Handmade Harvest is to nurture the local independent craft community by providing an outlet for emerging makers of all ages, and to make buying handmade items easy and fun to do.In 2014 Handmade Harvest events w....

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Healthy Food Technologies - Almonte

HFC's founder Ed Atwell came up with a way to make donuts with 50 to 70% less fat than their mainstream....

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Herb Garden - Almonte

A popular agritourism attraction near Almonte, the Herb Garden grows and sells a variety of herbs and hosts the annual Midsummer Herbfes....

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Hummingbird Chocolate Makers - Carp

Three varieties of bean-to-bar, 70% cacao, single origin chocolate bars, roasted cacao be....

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Jessica's Syrian Food - Almonte

Khedr and Nour Jarous, who recently settled in Almonte with their family, have opened a food booth at the Almonte Farmers’ Market. The Jarous offer an array of dishes with spicing and flavours unique ....

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Kricklewood Farm Inc - Frankville

Organic, cold pressed sunflower oil, goat milk soap, goat milk fudge, beeswax candles, eggs, season....

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Lacelle’s Apiary - Mississippi Mills

Honeys, beeswax candles and skin creams, beekeeping courses, private beekeeping ....

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Nick Coutts Rainbow Trout - Perth

Locally reared rainbow trout based out of the Coutts Family Farm near Rideau Ferry. Aside from selling fresh and frozen hand-filleted trout, Nick ....

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Restaurant & Venue - Lanark

Established as a sugar bush in 1973, today Temple's offers a sugarbush experience....

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Thompsontown Maple Products - Lanark Highlands

Thompsontown Maple Products is a 6,000 tap maple syrup operation....

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Waverley Spirits Ltd. - Perth

Family-owned and operated, Waverley Spirits Limited has set out on an odyssey to establish the first craft dis....

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Wheelers Pancake House & Sugar Camp - Lanark Highlands

Wheelers Sugar Bush is now one of the largest producers in Ontario with over 15,000 trees tapped. Sugarbush with pancake house and a variety of activities....

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Whitewater Brewing Co. - Foresters Falls

Whitewater Brewing Company was founded by three good friends in 2011 on the banks of The Mighty Ottawa River. The Ottawa Valley was already home to some of the best natural ingredients involved in creating true hand-crafted beer, as well as great people des....

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Wildrose Country Homestead - Clayton

Handcrafted pure goat milk soaps, lip balms and other toiletry items, goat meat (by piece or whole)....

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