Thinking Globally: Acting Locally
Climate Network Lanark Plans for 2023 - theHumm January 2023

Thinking Globally: Acting Locally
Climate Network Lanark Plans for 2023 - theHumm January 2023

By Chandler Swain

In Lanark County, Climate Network Lanark is working to provide leadership on the various issues that we can control to look after our precious land, water and air to ensure this place we love will support us and our grandkids, and theirs. Literally millions of folks all over the planet are doing the same. Citizens are working hard to keep the focus on how little time we have to stop runaway climate chaos, where there will be no turning back from the fires, droughts and floods we are now beginning to witness everywhere.

“We are in the fight of our lives, and we are losing,” UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned recently. “Greenhouse gas emissions keep growing, global temperatures keep rising, and our planet is fast approaching tipping points that will make climate chaos irreversible.” Or more succinctly: “We’re on a highway to climate hell.”

Global and national polling shows citizens of every corner of the planet overwhelmingly support controlling the factors that are causing Earth’s ecosystems to break down. More than 70% of Canadians want serious action taken on the climate crisis.

However, governments still are slow to enact the bold leadership that is needed. This is a conundrum for sure with our current political system. The Ontario government is in fact enacting climate-damaging policies as fast as possible! It has the wherewithal to do this because of its false majority that doesn’t truly represent the will of most citizens. As Kurt Vonnegut put it: “We will go down in history as the first society that wouldn’t save itself because it wasn’t cost-effective.”

That would be so ironic, as we know the fall-out from climate chaos events is proving really expensive; but we can do better and be far more prosperous! So much evidence is out there: saving our planet is really the best economic bet.

Luckily, all over the earth activist groups are working locally to hold governments to account and help guide them with the best solid facts and research on how to make things work well for both our economy and our environment. This is inspiring.

Throughout 2022, the folks at CNL have been working hard on a County-wide Climate Action Plan and getting some local projects going. Unfortunately, their efforts were interrupted with the introduction of Bill 23 and its associated actions. Everyone in CNL wants to move forward, developing the actions to improve things — now time and energy are being consumed by defending actions that were achieved not just a few years ago, but decades ago. There is a special push on to confront the ridiculous plans in Bill 23. The galling duplicity and deceptions in this bill around gutting hard-won protections of our precious wetlands, farms and forests for the benefit of a few developers ought to outrage every one of us!

CNL has many concerns with Bill 23, including the provisions that reduce the capacity of local municipalities to enact Green Building Standards. But the biggest issue for CNL is the outright attack on wetlands. Wetlands excel at sequestering carbon — sequestering two to five times as much as forests — and Lanark County happens to be home to some of the last large remaining tracts of wetlands in all of Southern Ontario. Not only should wetlands here not be developed, if they were that would release enormous volumes of methane and carbon — other sectors would then have to cut an equivalent amount at huge expense. And the government’s talking points about the Conservation Authorities and the Wetlands Evaluation system still being there are misleading. If they’re not mandated or resourced, they aren’t there.

Building more highways to develop more wasteful housing that requires more cars for more commuting is the opposite of how we ought to be planning for growth and housing that supports healthy communities. The cities of Ottawa and Hamilton showed this in their plans, developed carefully with input from residents, yet these plans that would have developed housing within current green boundaries were cast out by the Provincial Government and replaced with incursions into green space.

That’s why CNL helped organize a protest in Smiths Falls on November 26, met with MPP John Jordan to explain what the local climate issues are with Bill 23, and made submissions on the Bill. To see these, go to CNL’s December newsletter under “Our News” at .

Meanwhile, CNL keeps trying to move forward. Through its various Working Groups, the organization has made enormous contributions to the County’s Action Tables, essentially the core of climate action. To know what is in store here in the next short while, have a read. Scroll down to the Corporate Action Table and the Community Action Table at . These tables have been passed by County Council. They form the core of the County’s Climate Action Plan, which will be brought forward later in 2023.

CNL is proud to have played a role in spreading the word locally. Perth was going to undo its Climate committee but reversed that decision. And Smiths Falls is in the process of developing a committee that will oversee a plan for that community. Every lower-tier municipality should at the very least have its own Corporate Climate Action Plan and be planning to coordinate with the County on the Community plan.

CNL is also developing other projects. A quick summary is available in the workshop presentations when they are posted here at .

As always, CNL could not do what it is doing without the involvement of people across Lanark County. The group now has the support of about 1,000 people within the County. But we need more. To get involved, simply sign up for the newsletter through the website: .


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Thinking Globally: Acting Locally
Climate Network Lanark Plans for 2023
- theHumm January 2023

By Chandler Swain

In Lanark County, Climate Network Lanark is working to provide leadership on the various issues that we can control to look after our precious land, water and air to ensure this place we love will support us and our grandkids, and theirs. Literally millions of folks all over the planet are doing the same. Citizens are working hard to keep the focus on how little time we have to stop runaway climate chaos, where there will be no turning back from the fires, droughts and floods we are now beginning to......


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