Elise Abrams-Ogg — The Art of Living Reverently - theHumm June 2023

Elise Abrams-Ogg — The Art of Living Reverently - theHumm June 2023

By Sally Hansen

Art… and Soul

The unifying theme of this young Perth artist’s ambition is her unequivocal determination to treat the world she inhabits with respect and appreciation. Elise Abrams-Ogg creates her artwork “largely as an act of devotion, to both the subject and to the materials, cultivating reverence for both of those things with the time and attention it takes to create.”

At the moment she has put her classically inspired watercolour paintings and graphite drawings on hold, to concentrate on her exceptional cedar shingle art. Working primarily with Eastern white cedar shingles, she “celebrates the endurance, integrity, beauty, strength and functionality of this gift of nature”. Her classically trained artistic ability, combined with her meticulous and innovative woodworking skill, has resulted in several stunning commissions. A quick Google survey of “shingle art” reveals that her mosaics and murals celebrating geometry and nature easily place at the top of the list for artistic merit.

Working from her shared multimedia studio space at Perkolator Creative Collective in Perth, Elise painstakingly shapes the cedar shingles with her scroll saw in accordance with the full-size pattern she creates on paper. It is challenging work — first to visualize the desired effect from multiple perspectives, and then to work out the shapes of the individual pieces in each layer as they overlap for water resistance and durability. An amazing example of her virtuosic command of this demanding artistic medium is her recently completed Cochlea Luna. The large piece is a depiction of a complex, spirally coiled nautilus shell, augmented with representations of the phases of the moon. The name of her piece is Latin for moon snail, another spirally shaped ocean dweller. She casually mentions that she spent a fair amount of time graphing polar equations to enable her to control the width of the spiral to her exact specifications…

Whittling Down the Opportunities

Working with her cherished wood is powerful medicine for her. Elise suffers from being “confronted with insurmountable opportunity” (I love this quote, now contentiously attributed to Walt Kelly’s Pogo). To express her dilemma more positively, she enjoys tremendous potential. She excels at math and biology, languages, history, archaeology, drawing, painting and creating cedar shingle art. In high school at Eastwood Collegiate Institute in Kitchener she won the Bronze Governor General’s Academic Medal, and went on to garner top grades while earning her B.A. in Classical Studies at the University of Guelph.

As part of a university project she participated in three archeological digs in Turkey, unearthing the secrets hidden in Pompeiopolis, an ancient city founded by the Roman general Pompey the Great in 64/63 BC, in the Black Sea region of Turkey. She also read Homer’s great epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey in ancient Greek. Her classical studies continue to inspire her love for the aesthetics of the ancient Mediterranean and the forms of nature.

After her first year at university, she and her sister, a fellow student, decided to take a break from academia and do some traveling. Both were studying art and architecture and were eager to explore the culture of a different locale. They also wanted to meet local people and get to know a place intimately rather than just hitting the tourist highlights. They signed up at Workaway.info for a stint in Tuscany as agricultural volunteers and soon realized they had embarked on a wild two-month life-changing hippy adventure that introduced them to the concept of permaculture. This approach to land management and community design applies principles of whole systems thinking in areas such as regenerative agriculture and community planning.

Ironically, a book published in 1975 titled The One-straw Revolution — An Introduction to Natural Farming, written by Masanobu Fukuoka, set Elise on a reexamination of her priorities. The book is an amalgam of spiritual, technical, political and philosophical concepts. For Elise, after spending four summers during high school working as an egg collector in “the chicken barn from hell” with 50,000 birds confined in battery cages, the adoption of patterns observed in flourishing natural ecosystems was, and remains, a goal worth changing her life’s ambitions for. She returned home convinced she wanted to be part of something better and more meaningful to her personally than striving for academic achievement and being subjected to peer evaluations. By the time she graduated she had reached her decision to start farming rather than go on to get advanced degrees.

Her journey is still evolving. After three years of growing food organically during two internships, Elise decided to study Heritage Carpentry and Joinery at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. (Characteristically, she became Director of the College’s Students Association.) As she puts it, “My agricultural journey changed my life… it changed my idea of what a successful life could be.”

Today she is pursuing a career in carpentry while developing plans for a future initiative in community agriculture. She views carpentry as “a way to provide essential services to community while incorporating a love of art and design that is inspired both by nature and the classical tradition.” Her goal is to be able to build beautiful, modest, well-built structures out of natural, sustainable and/or previously used materials, guided by respect for the people who will use them. As an aside, she quips that a certain amount of naïvety and idealism is an act of rebellion.

In the meantime, Elise is working as a member of the finishing crew for two builders of log homes and energy-efficient homes. She also enjoyed working as a co-instructor for Amy Webster’s recent Women’s Power Tool Course at Wildwood Perth Millwork Shop, encouraging novices to acquire foundational skills to explore new possibilities. Her own options and ambitions remain as varied and numerous as ever, but today she enjoys being in control of her own agenda.

A Shingular Opportunity at Art in the Garden

The annual Art In the Garden event coming up at Kiwi Gardens near Perth on Father’s Day Weekend (June 16–18) provides an outstanding opportunity to feast your eyes on Elise Abrams-Ogg’s exceptionally conceived and executed cedar shingle art kiwigardens.ca/art-in-the-garden . Be sure to order your tickets for a timeslot in advance, available at Tickets Please (TicketsPlease.ca, 485–6434).

I highly recommend that you clip and save Elise Abrams-Ogg’s Artist Trading Card at the top of this page for future reference. Like many of the multi-talented Renaissance people who informed her classical education, this gifted young woman’s exploration of her tremendous potential bears watching.

Artist Trading Card


Elise Abrams-Ogg — The Art of Living Reverently - theHumm June 2023

By Sally Hansen

Art… and Soul

The unifying theme of this young Perth artist’s ambition is her unequivocal determination to treat the world she inhabits with respect and appreciation. Elise Abrams-Ogg creates her artwork “largely as an act of devotion, to both the subject and to the materials, cultivating reverence for both of those things with the time and attention it takes to create.”

At the moment she has put her classically inspired watercolour paintings and graphite drawings on hold, to co......


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Music Fills the Air!
Three Free Summer Concerts in Carleton Place
- theHumm June 2023

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Celebrate Pride Month with Rainbow Storytime! - theHumm June 2023

In celebration of Pride Month, Rainbow Storytime returns for its third consecutive year at the Perth Library. Rainbow Storytime is a wonderful way to meet members of the community while sharing inclusive picture books and stories. Inclusive programming and celebrations in the library offer families a safe space to celebrate diversity and self-expression. Each week of Rainbow Storytime will feature a new guest reader, theme, and letter sound. Special guests from Queer Connectio......


“Courage to Be Me”
Pride Month in Mississippi Mills
- theHumm June 2023

By Submitted Pride in Mississippi Mills

June is upon us, and with it comes the vibrant celebration of Pride Month in Mississippi Mills! This year, we gather under the theme “Courage to Be Me”, honouring the strength and resilience of 2SLGBTQIA+ communities.

Once again, Pride in Mississippi Mills is collaborating with Lanark County Wide Pride — a coalition of local Pride committees. Together, we have a fantastic line-up of events and activities that will make this year’s Pride Month truly memorable. These events cater to various inte......


Music in the Glen - theHumm June 2023

On Thursday, July 6, Sivarulrasa Gallery is pleased to present Music in the Glen, a traditional Irish Trio featuring Brendan Mulholland (flute), Conor Lamb (uilleann pipes, whistles) and Deirdre Galway (guitar). This enchanting evening of music will include a mix of traditional and newly composed Irish music on pipes, flute, whistles and guitar.

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Lady Windermere’s Fan
Iconic Play by Oscar Wilde Opens in Smiths Falls
- theHumm June 2023

By Submitted The Station Theatre

Just when we thought we had safely made our way out of the pandemic, Covid hit our show with a vengeance, but in the true spirit of theatre we decided the show must go on — albeit not when it was originally scheduled! The cast and crew have continued to work diligently to bring this play to our audience, especially for those who originally bought tickets and were disappointed to not be able to see it in April. We are so hoping you are able to come in June!

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Someday I’ll Find You is the novel C.C. Humphreys had to write. It is, he says, “the book of my heart.”

The novel, Chris’s twenty-second, is a dazzling adventure story about a spy and a pilot who fall in love but are wrenched apart during World War II. It’s inspired by his parents’ true story. Chris’s father Peter Humphreys was a fighter pilot with the RAF, and his mother Ingegerd Holter was a Norwegian spy. They fell in love and married in London in 1944. How could he possibly not wr......


Gone But Not Forgotten
A Community Benefit Concert in Perth
- theHumm June 2023

On June 11 at 3pm, Musical Matters will present a concert entitled “Gone But Not Forgotten” at St. Andrew’s Church. It features music from the ’60s as a tribute to artists or members of groups who have passed, while their music lives on. Songs by Buffalo Springfield, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Everly Brothers, Wilson Pickett, The Drifters, Marvin Gaye and more will be performed.

The performance takes place in the beautiful sanctuary of St Andrews Presbyterian Church at 1 Drummond Street. Admission is $10 at the door, and elevator access is available at the rear of the church just ......


Almonte Celtfest Brings Big Energy for 27th Event - theHumm June 2023

Mark your calendars, make some plans, and tell your friends: Almonte Celtfest will be back in Gemmill Park for a fine weekend of family-friendly entertainment from July 7-9!

The one-and-only Barra MacNeils kick off the festival with a ticketed event on Friday, July 7, that also features honey-voiced troubadour Lynn Miles.

Thanks to the generosity of festival sponsors, entrance to Saturday and Sunday’s programming is by donation at the gate. Those two days also promise plenty......


A New Plant & Pottery Sale in the Valley! - theHumm June 2023

Natives & Clay, a new plants and pottery sale, will feature nursery-propagated native plants suitable for Ottawa Valley gardens from Beaux Arbres Native Plants, as well as garden-themed stoneware pottery by Pine Ridge Studio.

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Nurse Goes to Newfoundland, and Stays
Studio Theatre Perth Presents Tempting Providence
- theHumm June 2023

By Ben Bennett

Opening at Studio Theatre Perth on Thursday, June 15, Tempting Providence tells the story of “Nurse Bennett’” — a part of Newfoundland history.

Just over 100 years ago, an English nurse arrived at a small outport in the north-west part of the island. She had committed to staying for two years. She stayed for almost 70.

Myra Bennett (née Grimsley) was to become a legend on the island, delivering hundreds of babies, extracting thousands of teeth, performing some incredible surgeries and e......


Red Trillium Studio Tour, June 3 & 4 - theHumm June 2023

It’s a sign of spring — the Red Trillium Studio Tour is back! The 2023 spring tour will take place on June 3 and 4, from 10am to 4pm each day in beautiful rural West Ottawa.

The Red Trillium Studio Tour has been running semi-annually for more than 24 years. While there have been some changes over the years, the talent and creativity of the artists and the warm welcome that you will receive at every studio remains the same.

There are 11 studio stops with 25 artists, juried by the ......


MMYC Youth Camp - theHumm June 2023

By — Maybe McInnis is the Program Coordinator at Mississippi Mills Youth Centre

Youth in Mississippi Mills are gearing up for another AWESOME summer with Mississippi Mills Youth Centre (MMYC). We are offering nine themed summer camps for youth ages 10–18. To browse our camps online and to register, please visit mmyc.ca/shop .Mississippi Mills Youth Centre is a non-profit located at 134 Main Street East in Almonte. Known for our low-cost day camps and free after-school programs, MMYC creates opportunities for youth t......


Brighter Days
Toronto’s Univox Choir at St. Paul’s Perth
- theHumm June 2023

St Paul’s United Church in Perth is happy to be hosting the youthful Univox Choir from Toronto on Friday, June 23 at 8pm. The reputation of Perth as a place to find appreciative audiences prompted them to include St. Paul’s on their tour of Eastern Ontario. Conducted by Malcolm Cody MacFarlane, Univox is a mixed-voice community choir for young adults based in Toronto. The non-profit music organization carries the core principles of musical excellence, social responsibility and relationship buildi......


Diversity Summer Camp in Almonte - theHumm June 2023

Hi, I’m Renée Kokonya Sullivan. I’m a mom of three, wife, entrepreneur, and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consultant. This summer, I will be running a diversity summer camp for children aged 8-12 years at Stonecroft Barn in Almonte.

Almonte Diversity camp will offer a safe space for kids to ask questions without judgment, bring their full selves and learn tools and techniques that equip them to be more inclusive in their community.

As Canada continues to become more div......


Art Works! Perth - theHumm June 2023

Art Works! Perth encourages all art lovers to pay a visit to their fifth annual Art Tour from Friday, June 23 to Sunday, June 25, from 11am to 5pm each day. Eighteen artists in ten locations in and around Perth will be showing new works of art in their studios and homes, and in businesses in the downtown core. Come and enjoy the work of local and established artists and take advantage of the many delightful stores, restaurants and sights of this small town at the same time.

More information, inc......


Arts, Tarts, and Crafts Around the Valley - theHumm June 2023

By Miss Cellaneous

Perth Photographic Society Exhibit

Until the end of July, drop into the Perth Library to view works by the Perth Photographic Society. This group of like-minded photographers from in and around Perth came together in 2021. Members come from different backgrounds and life experiences with photography, and share a passion for creating wonderful images.

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“Our goal with Puppets Up! 2022 was to bring a bit of joy to town after a few long years of pandemic life. We felt like we succeeded, but we always had that voice in the back of our heads saying ‘where do we go from here?’,” explains Jane Torrance, the chair of the P......


TRiPOD in the Garden - theHumm June 2023

By Lucy Carleton

Dust off your lawn chairs and celebrate the dads in your life on Sunday, June 18 with music in the garden of the Mississippi Mills Public Library, Almonte branch. Join the Friends of the Library for an afternoon concert featuring the talented sounds of TRiPOD. Hailing from Elphin, Ontario, TRiPOD is not unfamiliar to Almonte audiences, having first appeared at Canada Day celebrations in 2018. Settle down among the peonies and irises to enjoy original and cover tunes from this talented trio.



Perth Band’s Summer & Fall Pops Concerts - theHumm June 2023

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Curds and Cooks
Festival at Back Forty Artisan Cheese
- theHumm June 2023

Back Forty is excited to announce the details for their 6th annual summer food festival, taking place on July 1 from 11am to 6pm. What began in 2016 as a small celebration to mark the opening of their newly renovated cheese factory has since grown into a leading destination for lovers of artisan cheese, food, craft beverages and music.

Back Forty is a small family business, run by Jenna and Jeff Fenwick, that has become known for its fantastic selection of delicious raw sheep milk che......


Save the Date(s)For the Blues! - theHumm June 2023

If you’re a fan of truly great blues music, you won’t have to wait until the fall to get your Blues on the Rideau (BOTR) fix at The Cove Inn in Westport. BOTR and The Cove are delighted to announce a brand-new Summer Outdoor Blues Series, featuring the same great dinner, show and dancing combo that has made their winter series so popular. We’ll bring you all the details in our July issue, but we thought the keeners might want to book early and save the following dates…

On July 13, the JUNO......


Start Them When They Are Young! - theHumm June 2023

By David Hinks

As one who struggled to learn French as an adult, I am amazed at the ease with which young children pick up new languages. I believe that similar forces are at play in how we connect with nature and with nurturing growing things. I attribute much of my interest and success in gardening to working alongside my paternal grandmother at a very young age. I have to admit that I am not nearly the perfectionist that she was — I can still see her spacing bean seeds exactly two inches apart with the scar......


Rideau Lakes Studio Tour - theHumm June 2023

The Rideau Lakes Studio Tour is back for its 25th anniversary, and it promises to be a spectacular showcase of the region’s finest artists. Taking place on Canada Day weekend, July 1 and 2, the event will feature more than 18 artists opening their studios to the public, allowing visitors to see how these talented creators work their magic.

To celebrate, they are offering studio visitors a chance to win a $250 gift certificate which can be redeemed with any of the participating artists! Chec......


Run for Women’s Health
For Darrell Graham, There Are No Limits!
- theHumm June 2023

By Chris Cavan

Darrell Graham has raised the outstanding amount of $12,000 so far for the June 10 AGH run! He used his business name, Darrell Thomas Textiles, to create a fundraising page for the Almonte General Hospital Run for Women’s Health, and he’s determined to keep adding to this incredible support for women’s health equipment. I met him as he paced his route recently, and he’s not setting any limits on how much he can raise if enough people get behind him. Darrell is very passionate about this fundrai......


Carleton Place Tattoo - theHumm June 2023

The sights and sounds of the Pipes and Drums and Highland Dancing are returning to Carleton Place after a 13-year hiatus. There were plans in the making just prior to the pandemic to re-introduce an annual Carleton Place Community Tattoo, but those plans, like many others, unfortunately had to be cancelled.

However, by popular demand, a Town of Carleton Place Tattoo is once again being planned and will be held on Sunday, June 25 beginning at noon on the grounds of the local Capt......


Union Hall Gears Up for a Busy Year - theHumm June 2023

By Linda Camponi

Union Hall is a Registered Charity owned and maintained by the community, and is mainly self-sufficient, with financial support from the Municipality of Mississippi Mills as well as the Hub/Rebound. Concentrated efforts throughout the pandemic period, and still ongoing, have resulted in significant improvements to the facility, thanks to support from local businesses and private donations. The hall is a busy place these days, with yoga twice a week and lots of birthday parties and other family events taking place.

Last year at this time we put out a plea for more volunteers, and this ......


Rhythm and Blues, Texas Style - theHumm June 2023

By Rob Riendeau

On July 11, the John Levi Community Centre in Almonte is going to be transformed into a Texas roadhouse when the formidable Texas Horns from Austin come to town right after their appearance at this year’s RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa. The Texas Horns have backed up countless American roots and blues legends, and individually they have played with some of the most important North American musical icons including Albert Collins, Doug Sahm and Freddy Fender, Colin James and many others......


Relay for Life at ADHS - theHumm June 2023

By — Jack Lockhart is a student at Almonte and District High School

On Monday, June 12, students are back at it again for Almonte and District High School’s fifth annual Relay for Life event. After having great success at the event last year with the students raising over $47,000 for cancer research, they are ecstatic about this year’s event and are well on their way to reaching this year’s goal of $20,000, with over $12,000 raised so far.

Relay for Life is an event where a community, organization or school comes together to raise money for cancer rese......


The Science Behind Soil - theHumm June 2023

On June 20, come to Appleseed Farm in White Lake for a compost learning adventure. Ground-breaking research into the soil food web will be presented by instructors Keisha and Casey Ernst. Go deeper into understanding the life of soil and learn practical hands-on techniques useful for a wide range of composting methods, from backyard to large scale. Plus, discover how microscopes improve your understanding of our complex soil ecology. This course will give you all the new tools to improve soil health.

From small garden to large scale — this program suits municipal waste, farmers and co......


Greetings from Augusta Park! - theHumm June 2023

By Allan Brown

July is just around the corner, folks, and with it comes the 10th year of music in Augusta Park at 5 Wednesdays in July (although there are only 4 this month). We are brimming with talent this year and are focussing on more diverse talent when we can.

The first concert on July 5 will be a variety show called Dr. Brown’s Uptown Travelling Medicine Show, with each artist having 15 minutes to entertain our family-friendly audience. Generally the concerts go from 6–8pm, but......


Fair is Fair… - theHumm June 2023

By Oona Woods

… but this may just be the fairest of them all. The Killaloe Community Craft Fair is a Brigadoon-like festival that springs up on 100 acres along the backroads of Killaloe once a year. For three days the spirit of a ’70s flashback combines with timeless vibes to release a wave of positive energy and good grooves. Along with eclectic live music and late night DJs under the stars, there are also drumming circles, yoga, nature walks, a kids’ parade, food vend......


Bloom Where You’re Planted - theHumm June 2023

By Glenda Jones

I’m so done with being on my hands and knees, digging in shovelfuls of mushroom compost and slotting canna lilies in every vacant little space I can find. I began with a proper plan: five here, three there, and two standing proudly in the planters, and now I know that when/IF they grow, they’re going to be coming up in every imaginable place, mostly not where I thought. Confession: several may come up in the compost heap, because I just couldn’t find another hole to bury them in.

My sister has li......


Cold Climate Heat Pumps
A Big Piece of the “Getting to ZERO by 2030” Puzzle!
- theHumm June 2023

By Chandler Swain

As an interested observer of how the Climate Crisis is being discussed in the mainstream media, it’s encouraging to hear of so much action being taken in every facet of how we live our energy-intensive lives — from homes to cars and products of every kind, the change to low-carbon alternatives is truly inspiring. I’ve seen small windmills that look like beautiful little tree sculptures with whirling leaves, roadways made of recycled materials that become solar collectors, and every auto manufacturer ......


Don’t Judge a Character by its Book - theHumm June 2023

Self-published children’s book author Natasha Peterson is excited to present her latest book, Don’t Judge a Character by its Book. Like her previous stories, this latest has lessons for the reader presented in rhyme with beautiful illustrations. This newest book is about the harm that can come when we judge someone or something too quickly.

Have you ever wondered what happened to some of your favourite fairy tale characters after their story finished? Was there justice for th......


1000 Islands Blues Cruise
A Fundraiser for the Kingston Food Bank
- theHumm June 2023

Choose The Blues Productions is pleased to announce the first ever 1000 Islands Blues Cruise — a 3-hour evening cruise through the magnificent 1000 Islands combined with a deluxe buffet dinner and show featuring boogie-woogie piano legend Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne and his band. Proceeds go to support the Kingston Food Bank kingstonfoodbank.ca .

The event takes place on the Island Queen, the unique 3-decker Mississippi-style riverb......


Blues in the Afternoon
Ottawa Chamberfest Presents
Angelique Francis at Farmgate Cider
- theHumm June 2023

On Saturday, June 10 at 3pm, Ottawa Chamberfest is pleased to present Angelique Francis and her band in the most gorgeous setting ever — the Farmgate Cider heritage barn! You can make a day trip to the farmers’ market, drop in for the show, sip on a cool cider, listen to a little music and still get home for dinner.

One of Canada’s finest emerging blues artists, Angelique’s soulful smoky vocals and instrumental techniques are rooted in tradition, but with a unique and modern sensibilit......