Meed Barnett — Feral Art and Fabulous Jewellery - theHumm November 2021

Meed Barnett — Feral Art and Fabulous Jewellery - theHumm November 2021

By Sally Hansen

Art… and Soul

Meed Barnett’s diminutive stature is very deceptive. This recent addition to Almonte’s art scene lives up to her favourite descriptor of herself and her art — feral. She is fierce and refuses to be domesticated in any of the conventional senses of the word. As an artist she refuses to be confined to any one style, medium or philosophy. Our interview begins with her declaration that she would just as soon be referred to as “they”, but will let me use “she” if I prefer. As a creature of long habit it is easier for me to refer to an individual with a singular pronoun, even though Meed is anything but single. She is happily married to Bob Barnett for 40 years, and they have a grown child working in high tech in Los Angeles of whom they are very proud.

Meed was born in Greenwich Village and was a “Roaring Beatnik” throughout her high school years. Her personal history is a striking example of a timeworn adage: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Before my attempt to condense her convoluted story onto one page, however, I want to commend and recommend her art. Barnett loves nature and she loves to create narrative art — art that tells a story. Many of her works in watercolour or coloured pencil evoke memories of her time spent growing up in Woodstock, NY, and her love of the Catskill Mountains. The area is an early and influential hotbed of arts, crafts and music in the eastern U.S.A. Barnett was particularly drawn to the Hudson River School of art. Her paintings reflect its influence, especially in her loving renditions of time spent roaming in the area of the Kaaterskill Clove, a distinctive feature or “cleft” in the mountains attracting tourists to this day. In addition to her celebrations of nature, another favourite subject is things reverting to nature such as ruins of old structures.

I’m pretty sure that the couple’s new home in downtown Almonte contains more paintings per square metre of wall space than any other house I have visited. About one third are treasured works by other artists, many to whom she is related. In addition, Meed has two studios: one for painting, and one for creating wearable art in the form of intricately beautiful jewellery she has hand-forged from copper, brass and sterling. The two necklaces she created to celebrate her wedding to Bob are exquisite. They are not for sale, but her treasure trove of necklaces, earrings and even belts could elevate your Christmas shopping to new heights.

Barnett’s bio provides an apt condensation of the highly entertaining account she shared with me of her life’s eclectic journey thus far. In her own words with a few minor edits: “Fourth-generation artist and craftsperson, I could hold brushes before I could hold a fork. Born in Greenwich Village, New York City, I was taken to Woodstock, NY, at age four, where I grew up surrounded by the art and influence of many fine painters who were working in the area at that time. The end of family life led to my many living arrangements in the Woodstock area, including an Episcopal convent and two European homes.

“My first art instruction came from my grandfather, Rudolf Wetterau, who worked out of New York City as an advertising artist and oil painter. At age 15, I won a summer scholarship to the Woodstock branch of the Art Students League of New York City (now the Woodstock School of Art), and later won all available high school graduation awards for art. I studied art at SUNY New Paltz, and years later at the University of Hawaii. I hand-finished large portrait photography at two Rochester, NY, studios for several years. With this and other jobs, I self-financed a BA (SUNY at Buffalo), and an MA (University of Hawaii).

“I was at times: a camp counselor, a welder, an English tutor, a full-time teacher, a retail administrator, a dishwasher, a portrait studio photofinisher, a dental assistant, a refugee resettlement worker, a singer, an art teacher, and of course an artist and illustrator. While in Honolulu I illustrated teaching materials for the State of Hawaii Public School System. After moving to Philadelphia, PA, I studied with Francis McCarthy at Fleischer Art Memorial.

“Marriage brought a move to southern New Jersey. I conducted a papier-mâché puppet theatre workshop with students at Atlantic County New School in 1990, culminating in a feature-length performance, and taught other art classes at the school. Over the years I have shown in many juried exhibitions, have had many one-person shows, and have won numerous awards, including several best-of-shows. I have judged in several important regional juried shows. For five years, I was the art teacher for grades K–8 at St. Nicholas Catholic School in Egg Harbor City. For eleven years, I maintained studios at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts in Millville, NJ, and in Galloway, NJ.”

Barnett credits her father’s father with setting her on the path to becoming an artist: “He was the biggest influence in my life.” Much of the upheaval in her past, after her mother’s disappearance from her life when Meed was only four years old, was the result of friction with the older women in her life. She was not “girly” enough to suit them, not interested in clothes and makeup, and thus “queer” in their eyes. She remains securely non-gender conforming, pleased that her father liked sewing, and comfortable that she loves cooking. She credits summers spent at a YWCA camp as her best experiences growing up. There were also three high school teachers who supported her belief in her own worth and talent. Meed was taught to play chess by Bobby Fischer, whom she remembers with deserved disaffection.

Meed Barnett is an extraordinary and extremely interesting person, an accomplished artist and jeweller, and, luckily for theHumm’s readership, happy to invite you into her home by appointment to share her story and her arts. Her coordinates appear on the back of her Artist Trading Card where I photographed her next to her collage painting of her mother.WHO Meed Barnett

Artist Trading Card


Meed Barnett — Feral Art and Fabulous Jewellery - theHumm November 2021

By Sally Hansen

Art… and Soul

Meed Barnett’s diminutive stature is very deceptive. This recent addition to Almonte’s art scene lives up to her favourite descriptor of herself and her art — feral. She is fierce and refuses to be domesticated in any of the conventional senses of the word. As an artist she refuses to be confined to any one style, medium or philosophy. Our interview begins with her declaration that she would just as soon be referred to as “they”, but will let me use “she” ......


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Art Works! Perth is cordially inviting local fine art makers and artisans of all media — potters, printmakers, photographers, painters, mixed media and all others — to apply for their fourth annual juried art tour. Dates will be June 24–26, 2022, from 11am–5pm daily. Those who wish to exhibit in their own homes, studios and galleries are especially welcome. Space in downtown Perth establishments is available but very limited.

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Artists and volunteers will be collaborating on a one-day “pop up” Holiday Art Sale of reimagined vintage textiles and prints on Sunday, November 21 from 10am to 5pm at the Hub’s Rebound store, located at 79 Bridge Street in Almonte. 100% of the proceeds from this sale will go to support local charities.

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On Sunday, November 7, a vernissage will be held from 2–4pm for MERA’s November exhibiting artist. This show features the work of young local artist Fiona Szabo.

Fiona began to paint at age 5. Now, at 11 years, Fiona has entered and won art competitions in Canada and the US. Her work is primarily acrylic on canvas and meticulously executed drawings. She draws her inspiration from her family, the natural and manmade world around her, and anything that piques her curiosity.

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If you’re missing your weekly jaunt to the Almonte Farmers’ Market, you certainly won’t want to miss their indoor Harvest Market on Saturday, November 13. From 9am to 1pm they will be filling the upper hall at the Almonte Arena with fresh veggies, baking, preserves, organic pork, grassfed beef, honey, maple syrup, wine, herbal remedies and body products. In addition, you’ll find all sorts of gift ideas for early holiday shopping!

Masks will be mandatory and people will have to sign in for contact tracing, but proof of vaccination will not required as they are an essential service.



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Online Auction for REAL Environmental Group - theHumm November 2021

For ten years, the Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL) held a popular local foods dinner in Smiths Falls that included a silent auction component. While the fall feast is not feasible in these Covid times, REAL is hoping to recoup some of the monies usually raised with an online option. Last year’s online auction raised over $2,100 and attracted sponsorships from many of REAL’s loyal supporters, adding $1,000 to the total.

Currently over 80 items are posted, including collectibles, art, yard and garden, housewares, appliances and a few Christmas items. Many are gently used ......


Community Builders Craft Fair at Union Hall - theHumm November 2021

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On Saturday, November 6, Union Hall will be hosting a “Community Builders” craft fair. In addition to raising funds for the Hall’s ongoing renovations, we have invited other charities and non-profits to join us at the event to raise awareness and much-needed cash for their enterprises.

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Perth Farmers’ Christmas Market - theHumm November 2021

The Perth Farmers’ Market returns for a Christmas-oriented edition on Sunday, November 21 from 10am to 3pm at the Crystal Palace in downtown Perth. This market brings a diversity of vendors and items including returning market vendors as well as new local artisans and crafters just for this event.

This market is unique in that it combines so many different items in one place. There will be growers with some of their home grown produce, food vendors with edible treats, artisa......


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By John Pigeau

When Emily Prospero opened her eco-conscious coffee shop in Pakenham in late September, her focus was razor-sharp: to create a sustainable approach to the coffee shop model, providing unmatched goods and service while maintaining as low a carbon footprint as possible. 

Refreshingly, enthusiastically, she is doing just that. 

But Keepers Coffee Bar is much more than your average coffee shop. “Our name represents my philosophy in life, and so in business,” Prosp......


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I don’t know what’s wrong with me this year — whether it’s the anxious whispers of inflation or supply shortages or just the general scarcity mentality that has permeated the pandemic — but I’m catching myself worrying about having enough for Christmas. Something in my gut wants to buy stuff, as if having enough toys and gifts will fill me up with joy and love and wonder and peace. But even the Grinch has taught me that “Christmas doesn’t come from a store... Christmas means a little bit more”. ......


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Back by popular demand, we are starting to organize the second online birdhouse auction!

Remember the Birdhouse Blowout online auction this past April — the stunning birdhouse creations, the fun of following the auction online through the tail-end of winter, the thrill of owning your own birdhouse? At the time, we believed it was a one-off event to get us all through Covid. Post-auction we were inundated by birdhouse makers, auction participants, and those who just rode al......


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Many in our community became aware of The Blakeney Project of the Lanark County Food Bank (branded as The Hunger Stop) by walking, cycling or driving past our two-acre field that fronts on Blakeney Road on the east side of Blakeney. The field is now mainly brown as fall clean-up is largely complete; however, through the growing season there were large areas of verdant squash, 34 rows of potatoes lined up in military precision, a central circle with corn and flowers reaching to the sky, large a......


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Danielle K Grégoire is a person on a mission. And although their “Curious and Kind” dream may have been altered by the recent pandemic, they remain undaunted and are rising, phoenix-like, from the restrictions with plans for a new physical location and regular showcases at the Almonte Old Town Hall.

Curious and Kind (C&K) made a brief but memorable début in Almonte a few months before Covid kicked the butts of local performers and venues. Part performance space and part social ent......


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You are invited to an evening gala… at home! The past two years have presented many challenges, so the Almonte General Hospital Fairview Manor (AGH FVM) Foundation has turned them into exciting opportunities that will continue to support patient and resident care at the hospital and manor.

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