Mary Capper, author - Carleton Place

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Carleton Place

A retired administrator living in Carleton Place, author Mary Capper is a history buff and self-described sleuth, particularly when researching the hidden truths behind her own ancestry and genealogy. While doing that research, a picture emerged of a strong, courageous, and resilient woman who did not resemble the grandmother she knew as a child. Sadly, Capper only remembers the broken version of this incredible woman: a miserable old curmudgeon who was often referred to as “the old battle-axe” and for good reason. Piecing together her story became a labour of love for Capper who was inspired to write Sonnish … whispers through time to commemorate the grandmother she came to know and appreciate. She hopes to encourage dialogue between generations to preserve stories and familial histories. Ms Capper shares a great number of similarities with her grandmother, she is a wife, mother and grandmother, an accomplished singer and is proud to have served in the Canadian Armed Forces.