Vine Rhymes - Songwriters, Poets & Storytellers - Smiths Falls ON

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Helen Latimer-Hanah, Founder 613-284-2243

Smiths Falls ON

In 2005, Vine Rhymes — Smiths Falls & Area Songwriters, Poet, and Storytellers — held their first meeting at the home of group founder, Helen Latimer-Hanah. Helen had mentioned to local singer/songwriter Beth Bernhardt of her intention to start a writer’s group with the mandate to give “inspiration and encouragement” of like mind, Beth immediately offered her support, and Vine Rhymes was launched.

To their delight, four people showed up to that first meeting, making an even half dozen counting themselves. Since then, Vine Rhymes has received approximately 100 inquiries and, while a number of writers have come and gone, a core group of 10–12 has evolved.

A regular meeting might touch on a wide variety of topics, from networking to a bit of theory or mini-writing sessions. Three topics are given each month, to help provide inspiration and possibly dislodge a stubborn writer’s block. The atmosphere remains relaxed and non-intimidating, yet with sufficient structure to keep the group moving forward. At meetings, you’ll hear a delightful array of original compositions as well as a few cover tunes. Storytelling was added to the mix a couple of years ago, so you are quite apt to hear a tall, or not so tall, tale or two as well. Food Bank items are accepted and there is no cover charge.