Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour - Mississippi Mills ON

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Mississippi Mills ON

The ever popular Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour usually takes place on Thanksgiving weekend each year. This free tour runs Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10am through 5pm and features 26 of the finest artists and artisans you’ll see anywhere. The Ladies Auxiliary of the Almonte Legion host the popular luncheon on all three days, from 11am to 2pm. Enjoy a complete lunch or select from the a la carte menu while you plan your tour route for the afternoon.

From humble beginnings in 1996, the Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour evolved from art shows sponsored by the Ramsay Township Arts and Recreation committee. The C & P moniker is derived from the former Ramsay Township crest. The crown is a reference to the United Empire Loyalists, many of whom settled in the area. The pumpkin is a symbol of the rich agricultural heritage of the region. The name was deemed original and catchy and sounds like a pub you might encounter in a rural village. Originally centered in Clayton, the Tour has grown to include artists from all over Mississippi Mills.

The Tour brochure/map will be widely available at local shops and public locations in Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place, Perth, Merrickville, Ottawa and throughout the Valley.  For previews of the work and studios, search for “Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour” on Facebook. You’ll be amazed by the range of eclectic art.

This event is a great opportunity to enjoy what visitors have described as “simply the best studio tour around.” The experience allows visitors to connect directly with the artist. Talk to them about their work and understand what makes them so passionate about their creations. Look beyond the work and hear first-hand about the artist’s inspirations, creative process and commitment to excellence.

Only artists whose work has been judged to be of the highest standard by a jury of their peers have earned the privilege of participating. Participating artists respect the quality of each other’s work, and visitors will understand why they are so proud to be part of this vibrant studio tour.

The tour motto describes what visitors can expect of this event: Quality, Creativity, Integrity — hallmarks of the Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour.


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